Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9 March

(itunes: Death Cab for Cutie- Lowell, MA)

Lack of posts are due to the fact that I left my camera at school.

I thought spring break would be relaxing, but it has proven otherwise.
Im redoing my portfolio to make it more acceptable to supplement an application for work, but that is going so slow. I had to talk to a graphic designer about a problem I was having with my blacks being muted in pdf. form. Got that fixed by downloading the newest adobe acrobat reader. I'm also completely stressed about work for this summer. I have no experience to bring to the table, but if no one will hire me i'll never get experience. I also found out I need to get a root cannel.

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Susie Sewell said...

I feel ya about work this summer, cause I'm in the same boat. but about the root canal-ouch.