Monday, March 1, 2010

2 March

(itunes: Hellogoodbye- When We First Met)

This post begins a series of posts from my photos 1 class. Hope you like B&W!

Tyler and Colin helped me out with this assignment. They were a little reluctant to walk out into the median, but I'm glad they sucked it up. The shots look pretty cool... especially with the dust on the film.


Billy Latta said...

Rob. These are sweet photos. When did you go out to take these? I'm surprised you convicned these two guys to get out there.

I like the dust on the film--turned out to work in your favor and the composition is good in both of them. I also like the clothes Grid and Tyler are wearing for these pictures and the faces that lack emotion (also works--well done boys).

Risky place. Good photos.

Susie Sewell said...

I like the ones where you can't tell they are on the median. I also laughed because you said they were scared, only because I find myself rushing to cross broad street where there is no median and getting stuck in the middle with people who don't know how to drive speeding by. I like the black and white too.

Sarah Baranski said...

Top one is really nice.
Hate the dust. Makes me want to bust out the cloning tool and get rid of it.

Panda Nap Photography said...

hahaha i purposely didn't edit any of these. but thank you!

Margaret Ingraham said...

Gahh love these. And I think the dust looks sickkkk.

Corey's going to have some competition I see...;)