Friday, January 1, 2010

31 December

(itunes: Death Cab for Cutie- New Year)

Recap 2009

Beginning of second semester freshman year (introduction to 3D design)

Mr. Wilson

Elected for RA position in Wilson Hall

Finish freshman year of college at Judson University

Summer starts
Brief stay in Colorado
Brief stay in Newburyport, MA. Work as a pedicab driver
Work at Camp Winadu. (Vow to never work at a camp again)
House sold in Newburyport, MA
Monument, CO becomes new place of residence

Travel back to school to start RA training

School begins

Wilson Hall Let It Rock video filmed (Ben Scarbro leads the way yet again)

Fall Break (non existent due to Design project)

Midterms (physics is hard)

RA evaluation (Need to pick up my game)

Thanksgiving spent at the Sheedlo household. Football game. Cube Project

Finals (physics still hard)

Winter Break
Colorado with my family

Received my first DSLR camera (T1i) among other gifts!

New Year's Eve
Winter Park, CO

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