Saturday, December 6, 2008

5 December

(itunes: Death Cab for Cutie- We Looked Like Giants)

Sorry for the lack of posts. Every time I pull the camera out it's too dark to take pictures. 

I have a new hilarious situation for you... 

Take a room full of guys (all friends) watching a movie, very comfortable on their couches. Two new guys walk in:
 1st guy- an acquaintance of a few.
 2nd guy- friend of the acquaintance.

There is one more space on a couch. 1st guy obviously takes it and starts to enjoy the movie. 2nd guy stands awkwardly for a minute, telling himself "this is not awkward". 

He walks out.


Kara Thomas said...

thats your favorite song of, probably, all time.


RobCleary Photography said...

i wish i remembered who i was referring to in this commentary