Monday, December 1, 2008

1 December

(itunes: Right Away, Great Captain!- Right Away, Great Captain!)

Dave decided to go with the confederate mustache. I thought I'd snag some pics of this monumental journey.

As Corey  Bienert would say... let me set the scene...

You're walking on a path heading towards an intersection in the sidewalk. You notice that a couple, whom are your acquaintances, are also heading towards the intersection, about to veer the direction you're headed. (They are slightly ahead of you in distance).

As you come to the intersection you are about 3 steps behind them. You don't want to speed up because that would be rude, and you don't want to stay behind because it looks creepy, and you don't want to say "hello" because you've already been behind them too long (it would just be awkward).

What do you do?

duck into a building.


Corey Bienert said...

i feel you man.

and then sometimes they're like..."way to let us know you were here the whole time" when your behind em three steps.

Kara Thomas said...

this is my favorite song of, probably, all time.