Wednesday, November 26, 2008

26 November

(itunes: Anathallo- Cafetorium)

I got back to MA last night. I had a pretty good trip. My plane got delayed an hour an a half so I sat in the airport reading Twilight not knowing how much of a chick book it was. I tried to hide the cover as much as possible.

It's nice being home with the family, chobe, and my friends, although, I feel slightly out of the loop with everything. No one seems to have changed too much.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means tons of food and football. sick. 

I tried to take some pictures downtown Newburyport. I'll throw some more up as the week progresses. The skyscraper pics are from a visit to Chicago a while ago.

... everything costs something.


MeredithMiller said...

Hey Robby!
Your blogspot popped up on my facebook newsfeed! So excited to see another bloger around here! Haha sweet pics cuz! Tell the fam I said hey!...we're still hoping you guys will move down to sunny so flo soon! ;)

AdamFenstermaker said...

haha you know how i know your gay...
I no longer ever need to finish that sentence now that i know you read twilight lol