Monday, February 21, 2011

21 February

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So here it is: what i've been up to at the AA for the past couple of weeks. I'll try to briefly describe it.

The design problem is to densify and intensify a site south of London Bridge called Bankside in Southwark. it has large amenities such as the Shard, Borough Market, Guy's hospital, and a large public transit station. I've chosen to densify by building up the perimeter of the existing void spaces in southern region of the site to connect back to the successful commercial bit in the North. I'm also looking at how the private areas can become more porous and link back to the larger public voids. The second part of the project was to implement a small structure or change part of a building using permitted planning development code to tie the concept into a particular building. I've chosen a simple canopy/porch structure, that if implemented along with "green" corridors, could tie the private voids and public voids together experientially and visually. Hopefully that is clear. the crit I would have on myself is that I'm not sure if I show the next step clearly enough. I mean, part 3 is spent implementing the concept holistically, but im not sure if i've clearly set the stage.

The storyboard on board 1 explains the film and vice versa. It was the first film I've ever made so... But i'd love for some feedback and anyone's critique. bring it.

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Anonymous said...

boards are great. really. video...

love you man.