Sunday, February 7, 2010

7 February

(itunes: Hillsong United- From the Inside Out)

I went on the mens retreat this weekend. It's amazing to see the Spirit just tear down walls. I didn't really want to go due to a ton of homework assigned over the weekend, but I knew it was something God wanted me to be at. The message was about mainly about where we find our identity; whether in physical appearance, performance, prosperity, popularity, or pain; and how that those things are not our true identity in Christ. God really moved me to give up my hold on my worldly identity, and strengthen my relationship with him so that I can change my mindset of who I am. I also had an opportunity to pray over a few people, something I've never done before. It was probably one of the most intimate experiences I've had with the Holy Spirit. There are so many ways to worship that I've just chosen not to do because they seem too extreme for my western christianity upbringing. I'm changing that because God deserves more than my weak idea of praise.


kara thomas said...

youre really sick.
that last pic is wonderful.


BScarbs said...

who's the cutie?